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educational media on the critical issues of our times
A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation

distribution services

Video Project is proud to provide the following distribution services for social issue documentary films.

Educational/Institutional Distribution

How Video Project’s marketing team works for you:
  • We market and sell films directly to schools, reaching thousands of media librarians and faculty members.
  • Our network of sub-distributors reaches all public libraries in the United States.
  • Our relationship with streaming partner Kanopy helps the filmmaker maximize streaming revenue.
  • Our marketing team works with filmmakers to identify conferences, non-profits, state agencies, institutions and other potential marketing partners and sales opportunities.

U.S. Broadcast Sales

We have relationships with all major U.S. broadcasters who purchase documentaries. We have a strong track record that includes selling broadcast licenses to Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), FUSE TV, and KCET/LINK.

U.S. Consumer Digital

Through our aggregation partner, we can provide premium placement on Amazon Prime and pitch to Netflix. We also pitch films directly to various SVOD platforms. For select films we will get placement on all PPV channels + all digital platforms.

Speaking Engagements and Community Screenings:

We offer speaking engagement and community screening services. These services are available on a case-by-case basis which is influenced by the films potential for success in these arenas and on the films overall distribution plan.

International Sales

Our international sales partner, Janson Media, attends the major film markets including MIP COM and MIP TV. Through our special output deal, we are able to provide:
  • International VOD: Access to Amazon Prime in all available markets worldwide. Limited placement on IMDb TV, Tubi, and other platforms
  • Planes/Trains/Ships: In all available markets worldwide.

Impact Campaign Services

We work with filmmakers whose work is committed to positive, progressive, and tangible change, to help realize their film's intended impact. Our services are customizable and can include planning, project development, and implementation. We work closely with our filmmakers to identify impact goals and then collaborate in strategy, partnership development, fundraising considerations, community development and screenings, distribution strategy, and more.

Recent accomplishments:
  • In 2018/2019, our STRAWS film Free Screenings in Schools impact campaign provided free screenings, speakers and lesson plans for over 11,000 students in 50+ schools in Los Angeles and Dallas. Case Study. Additionally, the film was used by states and local governments for advocacy campaigns to ban single use plastics.
  • In 2019 we provided over 30 free screenings for Universities and K-12 schools of Living in the Future's Past. In this environmental documentary, Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges shares the screen with scientists, profound thinkers and a dazzling array of Earth's living creatures to reveal eye-opening concepts about ourselves and our past, providing fresh insights into our subconscious motivations and their unintended consequences.

For more information please contact:

Michael Kuehnert Director of Acquisitions and Sales
[email protected]
(310) 968-0396


Arlin Golden
Director Of Operations
[email protected]
(415) 981-9710