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What Happens When College Students Go To Jail?

Posted by Ashley on 8/23/2018 to News
A crash course in confronting privilege and recognizing systemic inequality

Perfect Film for Primary Season

Posted by Ashley on 3/8/2018 to News
Alternatively entertaining, frustrating, and poignant, Nat Bates For Mayor is a striking allegory for the political divisions seen on a national scale, even when within the same parties.

Environmental Toll of Haute Cuisine

Posted by Ashley on 3/1/2018 to News
Caviar Dreams examines the cultural history of caviar, the industry's effect on global sturgeon populations, and how modern purveyors are attempting to reverse the cycle of devastation.

Celebrate Women's History Month

Posted by Ashley on 2/27/2018 to News
Our women's studies collection features stories of diverse women chipping away at inequality.

An Inside Look at Extreme Police Corruption

Posted by Ashley on 2/15/2018 to News
As the American public has become more aware of the epidemic of police violence toward communities of color, one department stands out as particularly resistant to change.
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