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Tackling Recidivism with Music

Posted by Ashley on 1/24/2020 to News
In Richmond, Virginia, an innovative program is looking at new and effective ways to fight re-incarceration and addiction. 16 Bars chronicles that program, led by hip-hop legend Speech of Arrested Development. Following four men on journeys towards a new life, the film makes a potent argument for how turning prisons into sites of investment can thwart generations of of toxic cycles.

How Corporate Indifference Led to Countless Deaths

Posted by Ashley -- on 11/7/2019 to News
Investigates the origins of the mesothelioma epidemic wrought by widespread use of asbestos.

The Complex Relationship Between Water and Energy

Posted by by Ashley on 10/22/2019 to News
Thirst for Power details the intricate history for water's link to energy.

Protecting Gig Economy Workers' Rights

Posted by by Ashley on 10/10/2019 to News
Uber Land chronicles this era of digital-feudalism and follows four Uber drivers fighting for the basic labor protections denied to them because of their status as independent contractors.

Wildfires' New Normal

Posted by Ashley on 9/24/2019 to News
As the world continues to see larger, longer, and more devastating wildfires, the questions arise: what is causing the frequency of such intense fires to increase, and what can be done to prevent them?
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