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Breaking Glass Ceilings in Journalism and Filmmaking

Posted by Ashley on 9/20/2018 to News
The Video Project is thrilled to offer this collection of four short films from the Center of Investigative Reporting. All four films are directed by renowned female documentarians and focus on women making a difference. The collection, available both as a set and individually, engages with some of the most relevant topics of our day, while also shining a lens on the past and its relationship with the zeitgeist.

New Documentary on Toni Morrison's Life and Work

Posted by Ashley on 9/6/2018 to News
Who IS the foreigner? Am I the foreigner in my own home?

The History of American Film Censorship

Posted by Ashley on 8/30/2018 to News
Charts the history of movie censorship in the US, from the inception of the medium through the abolition of the last state board of censors in the 1980s.

The First Film on America's Paid Leave Crisis

Posted by Ashley on 8/28/2018 to News
There are only 3 countries in the world that don't offer paid leave for new parents: Papua New Guinea, Lesotho, and the United States. However, America's paid leave crisis extends far beyond parental leave. Millions of Americans risk unemployment and financial ruin should an illness strike them or a loved one who needs their care.

How A Stockbroker Quit Wall Street and Took on Big Ag

Posted by Ashley on 8/27/2018 to News
Follows John Ubaldo who leaves his fast life on the trading floor behind and moves upstate to spend more time with his family as a farmer.
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