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Could Universal Preschool Close the Achievement Gap?

Posted by by Ashley on 2/4/2021 to News
Study after study shows the impact of early-childhood education on development and success later in life, yet the United States still only offers free public education beginning at kindergarten. This leaves lower income families at a distinct disadvantage, perpetuating cycles of poverty and societal inequality that span generations.

Autism Goes to College

Posted by Ashley on 11/12/2020 to News
Each year an increasing number of autistic young people become college freshman, meeting all of the challenges and opportunities that come with life on campus. Autism Goes to College is the first film to examine both what neurodiverse students offer universities, and how colleges and universities might better serve their students on the spectrum.

The Transgender Experience in the Southern Clergy

Posted by Ashley on 9/24/2020 to News
When you've devoted your life to religious service, what happens when you make the decision to start living your most authentic life, even if it goes against the grain of your congregation? That's exactly the situation four people of the cloth face in Proper Pronouns, a film documenting the lives of four transgender ministers in small town North Carolina.

A Path to Healing the World's Oceans

Posted by Ashley on 9/22/2020 to News
As the global temperature steadily rises, bringing with it ocean acidification and mass death of coral reefs, it can be hard to have hope for the future of our oceans. The Map to Paradise charts the international campaign underway to restore the world's aquatic habitats and ensure that they exist for future generations.

Understanding American Gun Culture

Posted by Ashley on 9/17/2020 to News
Guns and the discourse around them are so ubiquitous in American life that it can be easy to forget that it wasn't always this way. American Totem charts the history of gun culture in the US, and takes a deep dive into the symbolic meanings behind firearms in the American consciousness.
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