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Cost of Cool: Youth, Consumption & The Environment

Offers an in-depth examination of the problem of over-consumption and its effects on the earth in relation to the lifestyles of everyday American teen

A film Gregory Molina, Marc Griffith, Geoffrey Holland, & Alexandra Paul

27 Minutes

Grades 7-Adult
Item #:COS-939

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Hosted by former Baywatch star Alexandra Paul, The Cost of Cool: Youth Consumption and the Environment features teenagers discussing what it takes to be "cool", the pressures of consumerism, and the environmental price we pay to have the latest, "coolest" stuff.

The video begins with an examination of the growth of the world's population and the impact of our consumption habits on the earth's resources. The Cost of Cool looks at everyday items from t-shirts to sneakers and tracks the effect of their manufacture on the world's resources.

"If every person alive today lived like we do," says host Alexandra Paul, "we would need three Earths to provide the resources."

Teenagers grapple with their learned buying patterns, and question whether they actually need much of the stuff that they feel they must acquire to be happy and live well.

30-Page Study Guide available for download here.

Preview link available upon request. Contact support@videoproject for more information
Cost of Cool: Youth, Consumption & The Environment

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