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Between Dreams and History: The Making of Shimon Attie's Public Art Projects

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A famous artist, Shimon Attie, projects written history with lazer beams on the homes of the residents who wrote the history. His major theme: how to

A Film Judy Irving, Chris Beaver

37 Minutes

Grades 9-Adult
Item #:BET-617

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Between Dreams and History is a film profiling American artist Shimon Attie, as he creates his first work of public art in the United States after six years of artistic success in Europe. His major theme: how to make human memory visible in the present. To achieve this goal, Attie interviews today's residents of New York's Lower East Side.

Using the residents' own languages, Yiddish, English, Spanish, and Chinese, he projects their hand-written memories, hopes, dreams, and prayers onto the walls and buildings of the neighborhood. Ronnie Friedland of Jewish Family Life adds, "We see joyful, amazed, and proud reactions of residents of the neighborhood when they recognize familiar thoughts and memories, in their own language, that are validated by being projected onto the public space of their neighborhood."

Original, inspiring and thought provoking, Between Dreams and History leaves a lasting impression.

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Between Dreams and History: The Making of Shimon Attie's Public Art Projects

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