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The Battle of amfAR

40 min • Grades 10 - Adult

The little-known story of how in the early days of the AIDS pandemic celebrities and scientists joined together to change the public perception of the disease and begin the search for a cure. Broadcast on HBO

“Poignantly and lucidly portrays an important chapter in the historical intersection of medicine and politics. ”
–Prof. Estelle Freedman, Stanford University

The Burden

40 min • Grades 9 - Adult

Examines how America's dependence on fossil fuels poses serious national security threats - and how the military is taking a leading role in the battle for clean, renewable energy.

“Makes a compelling case about the importance of energy security.”
–Sharon Burke, Former Ass’t Secretary of Defense

Breaking Point

60 min • Grades 7 - Adult

Investigates a major ecological disaster rapidly approaching in the Southwest - California's largest lake, the Salton Sea, is disappearing, a casualty of the drought and "water wars".
Winner, 4 Emmy Awards

“An amazing job bringing a complicated subject to the screen in a non-biased and scientifically supported way.”
–Patty Deen, Professor of Geology, Palomar College

California High: The Great Marijuana Debate

52 min • Grades 10 - Adult

A balanced look at the controversy over the legalization of marijuana and its far-ranging consequences, focusing on California's experience.

“Insightfully wrought, compellingly told and ultimately highly thought-provoking.”
–Julian Bushell, Founder, NonMultiplex Cinema

Finding the Gold Within

92 min • Grade 9 - Adult

An intimate look into the lives of six young Black men determined to disprove society's stereotypes as they start college and face racism head-on.

“Highly Recommended. An extraordinary film, worthy of the widest possible audience as our country continues to grapple with racial injustice.”
–Educational Media Reviews Online

From Billions to None

57 min • Grade 6 - Adult

The cautionary, little-known story of the rapid extinction of America's once most abundant bird -- the passenger pigeon -- which went from billions to none in just a few decades.

“A timely tale about our ability to alter forever the nature of the world.”
–Mark Madison, Ph.D., U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

How I Got Over

87 min • Grades 11 - Adult

An innovative profile of formerly homeless and incarcerated African-American women that dramatically reveals the social causes of their plight and how their lives were transformed.

“Highly recommended. We see the power of creative storytelling to exorcise shame.”
–Educational Media Reviews Online

The Immortalists

52 min • Grades 10 - Adult

Follows two biomedical scientists seeking to radically extend human longevity through regenerative medicine. But not without controversy and concern.

“Recommended. A fascinating exploration of what would have been considered total science fiction not long ago.”
–Video Librarian

Jens Jensen the Living Green

54 min • Grades 7 - Adult

Profiles the pioneer landscape architect who became one of the most influential urban designers and early conservationists, shaping the Midwest's landscape.

“Recommended. Jensen's innovative designs preceded today’s green movement and his work deserves broader recognition.”

The Last One

70 min • Grades 9 - Adult

Traveling with the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the film presents an updated history of the AIDS epidemic in America, with 50,000 new cases still every year. Broadcast on Showtime

“Highly Recommended. Editor's Choice. An excellent teaching tool for future and current generations.”
–Science Books and Films (AAAS)

Lube Job

89 min • Grades 9-Adult

Uncovers the oil and gas industry's role in the making of one of greatest environmental tragedies in modern times that threatens to eradicate much of southern Louisiana protective wetlands.

“Clearly articulates why the loss of Louisiana's coast, communities and cultures is an American problem that must be solved quickly.”
–Jonathan Henderson, Gulf Restoration Network

My Depression

30 min • Grades 8 - Adult

Heartfelt and entertaining, illuminates the symptoms and emotions of depression through animation, comedy and music to help make a difficult topic more accessible and understandable.Broadcast on HBO

“Heartfelt gem. Honest and forthright.”
–New York Times

Pictures from a Hiroshima Schoolyard

58 min • Grades 9 - Adult

Presents the aftermath of the first atomic bomb through the drawings and untold stories of Japanese children who were part of a unique exchange with their American counterparts.

“Chronicles a remarkable story. Teachers will appreciate hearing firsthand from the survivors of this horrific tragedy.”
–Dr. Anne Prescott, Director, Five College Center for East Asian Studies

Plant This Movie

83 min • Grades 9 - Adult

A comprehensive look at the evolution and impact of the global urban agriculture movement -- from cities across the United States to diverse countries around the world.

“Highly Recommended. The information presented is valid and accurate as it portrays farming of yesteryear to now.”
–Science Books and Films (AAAS)

The Polygon

55 min • Grades 11 - Adult

The ongoing legacy of the Soviet Union’s extensive Cold War nuclear testing program in Kazakhstan, where over 600 nuclear bombs were detonated at the secret Polygon site.

“Highly Recommended. Moving and disturbing... retells the story of human guinea pigs unwittingly subjected to damaging and lethal dosages of radiation.”
–Educational Media Reviews Online

Simple Nature

11 min • Grades 10 - Adult

World famous physicist Dr. Leonard Susskind introduces The Anthropic Principle, an attempt to explain how the physics of the universe seems perfectly tuned for life.

“Highly recommended. A gem because of the many opportunities for discussion and inquiry that it presents.”
–Science Books and Films


41 min • Grades 7 - Adult

Presents the history and likely causes for the Southern Sea Otter's decline, as well as its ecological significance and the controversy over how best to protect the otter population.
Winner, 5 Emmy Awards

“An extraordinary job accurately conveying the complex challenges that continually threaten our coast’s sensitive sea otter population.”
–Lesley Williams, Professor of Biology, Palomar College

Walking With the Great Apes

139 min • Grades 6 - Adult

Biologist Holly Carroll hosts a comprehensive, engaging 6 part series that explores the current status of the world's largest remaining primates in the wild.

“Starred Review. Both entertaining and educational, a reminder of the diversity of these fascinating animals and their very real danger of extinction.”

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